What is Adventure Snack?

Adventure Snack is an interactive story newsletter by game designer Geoffrey Golden. (That’s me!) Imagine having micro-versions of those classic “Choose Your Path gamebooks sent to your inbox. These bite-sized quests will take you to dangerous castles, forbidden galaxies, ancient pyramids, and haunted vacation rentals. If you love games, humor, and surprises, this is your journey. Level up your lunch breaks! Procrastinate with power! Turn your inbox into an adventure!

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The journey starts when you subscribe. New games swoop into your inbox every two weeks. When you subscribe, you never miss a quest. You’ll also have full access to every Adventure Snack game I’ve designed so far, like You Are the President’s Cat, Train Your First Space Wizard, Night of the Living Sonic the Hedgehog Popsicle, and Beat Up a Warehouse Full of Goons.

Hailed By Tastemakers

Adventure Snack has received praise and spotlight coverage in the outer realms. The newsletter was named a “Featured Publication” on Substack three times. It’s also been featured on WordHack NYC, the IndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere Festival, and on HyperRPG, where I played quests for over two and a half hours with hundreds of fans on Twitch!

“If you often find yourself too busy to fire up a full-length adventure (guilty as charged) [Adventure Snack] is a great and gentle way to add a little dose of interactive fiction to your email routine.” – Aaron Reed, 50 Years of Text Games

“[Adventure Snack] is witty, surreal, and highly amusing… in a style reminiscent of the great Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame.” – KJ Shadmand, Gamebook News

Meet Your Fellow Warriors

Every month, you and a group of brave heroes embark on the mini-adventures of a lifetime. Here are what your fellow players are saying.

About the Game Master

Hi, I’m Geoffrey! I’m a game designer and comedy writer. My game credits include Sandship, Murder in the Alps, Fallen Legion Revenants, Helm Greycastle, and Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp. I’m a writer of multi medias, creating audio fiction, comics, animation, novels, and more. I live in Los Angeles with my partner Amanda, our forever-kitten Gilly, and my most prized possession: an animation cel of Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat from the “Opposites Attract” music video.

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