What is Adventure Snack?

Adventure Snack is an interactive story newsletter by game designer Geoffrey Golden. (That’s me!) Imagine having micro-versions of those classic “Choose Your Path gamebooks sent to your inbox. These bite-sized, one choice journeys will take you to dangerous castles, forbidden galaxies, and there’s bound to be a couple where you play as a cat.

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The adventure starts when you subscribe. New games swoop right into your inbox, so you never miss a quest. You’ll also get full access to every game in our archives, like the game where you’re an intergalactic scoundrel stealing diamonds from a space gangster named Johnny Eyeballs, and the game where you’re a bard who must defeat giant spiders armed with nothing but your lute, and the game where your lunch order could determine the future of all humanity.

Meet Your Fellow Warriors

You and a group of brave heroes will embark on the mini-adventures of a lifetime. Subscribe now and your journeys shall begin! Here are what your fellow players are saying.

About the Game Master

Hi, I’m Geoffrey! I’m a game designer and comedy writer. My game credits include Sandship, Fallen Legion (PS4/Switch), Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp, Cue the Cleverbot, and cult hit Wizards of Cockblock Forest, the official late night RPG of San Diego Comic-Con. I’m a writer of multi medias, creating audio fiction, comics, animation, novels, and more. I live in West Hollywood with my partner Amanda, our forever-kitten Gilly, and my most prized possession: an animation cel of Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat from the “Opposites Attract” music video.

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Adventure Snack is currently in beta, and every game is free for all subscribers. I’m releasing new stories twice a month.

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