DinoSwords: Masters of Champions

You're a mutant dinosaur who's 100% Dino-Might™!

Are you ready to get prehistoric, DinoManiacs™? Before you take on Lord Cramulock™, make sure you’re subscribed to Adventure Snack… or risk extinction!

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You and your four friends were just average, skateboarding, calzone-obsessed American teenagers. But when you stumbled upon four magical blades in an abandoned quarry – enchanted by a caveman magician! – you transformed into the DINOSWORDS™. Now you’re half teenager, half dinosaur barbarian, and 100% Dino-Might™

But these are dark times for the DinoSwords™. Somehow, the evil one-eyed alien Lord Cramulock™ and his acid barfing BarfBorgs™ took you by surprise. They attacked and destroyed your DinoCaveLair™, including your DinoMiniFridge™ and DinoSegaGenesis™. Your best friends in the whole world – T-Wrecks™, Steggo™, Dactyl Dan™, and Utahrapper™ – are badly injured. So are you. As leader of the DinoSwords™, you still manage to stand tall and very leader-like.

“Hand over your DinoSwords™,” shrieks Lord Cramulock™ in an annoyingly high pitched voice, “and I promise to kill you with them. Whoops, I mean, I’ll do the opposite and spare your lives!”

“Don’t listen to him…” begs Steggo™, barely able to hold in her DinoGuts™. “He’s obviously lying.”

“I’m not lying. Your best friend Steggo™ is lying! I never lie. I’m extremely honest,” he lies.

Lord Cramulock™ inches closer and closer. The BarfBorgs™ stick their robot fingers into their metal throats, readying their acid barfs. You tightly grip your DinoSword™ and narrow your eyes at them. 

What would you like to do?

If you’d like to battle Lord Cramulock, count the number of toys on your desk.

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