Frolic Through the Multiverse

Our 50th Game! Yay!


This is the 50th Adventure Snack game since this journey began two years ago! To celebrate, I gave the website a design refresh, from the game headers to the welcome page. Hope you dig it!

There are over 525 branching paths across all the games. (I counted!) It got me thinking about possible alternate paths I could’ve gone in my life. There were times I seriously considered being a cartoonist (no drawing skills), a programmer (no math skills), and a puppeteer (no upper body strength).

What was an alternate life path you almost went down? Are you glad you didn’t take it? Reply and tell me your “what if.” 🌀

You are at the nexus of all realities. In this void of time and space, you stand on a long glowing orange platform, staring down a swirling, pulsating vortex the size of a house. The infinite chill of nothingness surrounds you, but you brought a fall jacket, so it's actually kind of nice.

By your side, a big eyeball with the mouth, legs, and bushy tail of a Chow Chow speaks to you in a startling German accent.

"Once you STEP into zee PORTAL, wanderer," the eyeball barks, "there iz no way of KNOWING where it vill TAKE you! Or WHO you vill BE when you EXIT! Are you CERTAIN you vant to DO thiz?!"

You nod at your beloved companion, who risked a thousand deaths to bring you to The Crux Point. The odds are stacked against you, but you must try to return home. You walk across the platform, towards your unknowable destiny. Safe travels, wanderer.

** Enter the Vortex! **

If you wish to re-enter the portal to visit another universe, answer this question:

How long has it been since you've been to your hometown?

  • If you currently live there, you may re-enter the portal once.

  • If it's been a year or less, you may re-enter the portal twice.

  • If it's been over a year, you may re-enter the portal thrice. (Thrice, I say!)

You decide what universe you land in is your "home."


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I’m a narrative designer for video games. Past writing clients include Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and indie studios around the world. Follow me @geoffreygolden on Twitter.