Sell the Goods in the City

Pa got bit by a milk snake. It's up to you now.

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It is morning at the farm where you have grown up all of your life. Your life in the olden times, that is! Your family sells fresh milk, cage-free eggs, and all-natural anthrax in recycled glass bottles to customers in the big city.

You live on a tiny, remote farm with your parents – Ma and Pa – and your other younger siblings: Clem, Agatha, Agrippa, and Cistern. But you yearn for something more. Your Pa tells stories about the fantastic city, which holds wonders like magnificent art, indoor plumbing, and even the innovative horse-drawn carriage! Unfortunately for you and your dreams, only your Pa is allowed to visit the city to sell your goods, as he has warned you the city is also full of dangers: liars, rotten meat, and the sewer dwellers.

As the day of his monthly visit to the city nears, disaster strikes upon your Pa. While he was milking the cow, a snake is released from the cow’s teat! His lamentations are great, for he had dreamt this very event happening the past night and forgot to wear his snake-protecting gloves. Bed-stricken, it will be impossible for him to travel to the city to sell the goods. Everything may go sour before he recovers, which would prevent your family from getting the money they need to pay the rent to the Duke who owns the land your farm is on! 

Pa then decides that you, as the eldest child, will be trusted to travel to the city to sell the goods. He gives you a set of written instructions, which he tells you to follow closely, adding that “you’re too stupid to improvise.”

You tie the large sled to the back of the family horse, Tyrannosaurus, and take off towards the city. After hours of travel down a single road, you see the city in the distance. Massive two story buildings! Bright electronic lights! Vendors selling meat on the street! You've followed the instructions of your father to the letter. Unfortunately, towards the end of his note, the curse of the milk snake reached his mind and his instructions became much less coherent.

If you seek to follow the instructions of your father…

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