Stock Photo Quest

Fight to be royalty free!

Greetings, adventurers. I hope you’re sitting comfortably in your white-walled home, a stack of coverless books on your coffee table, flanked by ferns, a bright and vacant smile on your face, ready for the journey of a lifetime! You won’t find Adventure Snack games pasted into every lifestyle website article, so be sure to subscribe.

This is our 25th game! Thanks to each and every player reading this. Your support and kind words make me excited to create these strange snacks o’ adventure.

There are four images below. Close your eyes, slowly count to three, point to the screen, then open your eyes.

(If you didn’t technically point to any image, click on the choice you were closest to.)

BONUS: Share the game using the red button below. When you do, you get two “do overs” if you don’t like the image you pointed at. And thanks for helping us find more players!


Mentions & Minotaurs

THANK YOU, STEENZ! Steenz is a terrific, celebrated cartoonist who breathes new life into the classic strip Heart of the City, making it a must read. Give her your eyeballs!

Welcome to the adventuring party, Manuel! Are you a cleric, by any chance? I’ve been a bit gassy lately.

Much appreciated, Eric. Speaking of hilarious levels, Death Egg Zone: Act 3. Am I right?

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