Tiny Adventures Await!

These little quests are perfect for munching.

Welcome, brave and startlingly good-looking traveler!

  • Do you have a ravenous hunger for adventure?

  • Does waiting a week between RPG sessions give you mild-to-severe antsiness?

  • Are you holding onto your Choose Your Own Adventure books, hoping someday one will become a portal into a dimension of magic, monsters, and affordable castle living?

  • Need to kill some time while they fix your goddamn car for the third time this goddamn month?

This is Adventure Snack. Every month, I send you “bite size” roleplaying games that will take you to mediaeval dungeons, alien worlds – and sometimes you’ll be a cat! Battle evil creatures, make crucial decisions, and play multiple times to get all the endings.

You don’t need to know anything about roleplaying games to play and enjoy Adventure Snack. In fact, the less you think about what I send you, the more you’ll enjoy it!

Thanks for joining me on this legendary journey. Adventure Snack is inspired by my love for classic solo adventure gamebook series like Fighting Fantasy, Car Wars, and Nintendo Adventure Books. Here’s my article about them for Rolled & Told magazine.

Adventure Snack will launch as an open beta, so I can work out any kinks. I want to make sure the game is running smoothly before we offer paid subscriptions. You can support Adventure Snack by sharing the newsletter with friends on Twitter, forwarding the emails to pals, and replying with feedback.

Enough with the exposition, snackers. Let’s go a’questin’!

–Geoffrey Golden, Game Master