A Pain in the Asteroids

You stole the holo-diamonds. Can you make it to paradise?

“Gimme back my holo-diamonds or I’ll destroy you!” exclaims Johnny Eyeballs, an alien gang-lord covered in eyeballs. His eyes blink rapidly and with much hostility over vid phone.

“Shove it up your eye-holes, Johnny,” you say with a grim and a mischievous glint in your eye before pressing the big red “Hang Up!” button on your spaceship’s console. “I’m on vacation.”

You’re piloting the legendary PT Starcruiser, known throughout the galaxy for its unpleasant retro design. With the flick of a few buttons, you set a course for Planet Hollywood Planet. It’s an entire planet of entertainment memorabilia, overpriced and undercooked burgers, and almost no inhabitants. At last, some peace and quiet after successfully stealing an entire hooberstank of holo-diamonds! 

You casually take the steering stick and blast-off into hyperspace. As the PT Starcruiser zooms through the galaxy at mind-boggling speeds, the force causes you to hit your head on the hard plastic backseat. Ouch. You remind yourself to buy a seat cushion with your newfound wealth.

When your ship slows down, you find yourself smack dab in the middle of an asteroid field! Gigantic rocks whiz past you, narrowly missing the wings of your ship. The navigational computer says once you successfully dodge those asteroids, Planet Hollywood Planet is only minutes away. You have energy shields, but will they be able to withstand this rocky journey?

What will you do?

Or, if you want to navigate the asteroid field…

Take out a random credit or debit card from your wallet. Count how many even numbers there are in a row. (Zero is an even number.)

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