If you play Adventure Snack regularly, you might know I love The Muppets and have ever since I was old enough to monopolize the VCR. The Muppet Christmas Carol is considered by many to be the best film adaptation of Dickens’ novel, but my must-watch Christmas programming is A Muppet Family Christmas. Less people seem to have heard of it, probably because the special hasn’t been properly distributed or re-aired in many years.

A Muppet Family Christmas (1987) is an ABC TV special where the entire Muppet family – including The Muppet Show cast, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock – all descend on Fozzie’s mom’s house, ruining her plans for a Malibu getaway. For legal reasons, this crossover will likely never happen again.

The special has a TON of heart, as the story finds funny and unexpected ways to bring characters together, from Swedish Chef attempting to cook Big Bird, to Kermit and Robin receiving a special gift from the Fraggles. The special ends in an epic carol sing with all the characters. I can’t recommend it highly enough. This year, I’m watching a version uploaded to YouTube with original commercials!


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I used Santa's power for good, as it should be. Then I played around with other outcomes to free some animals. My family always goes for a real Christmas tree.

Nothing too unique this year present wise, but my siblings and I are teaming up to get one of those expensive Lego sets for our dad. Even when splitting the cost between three people, some of those sets are still too expensive.

Apparently when the Nintendo Wii was coming out, I told my parents that they shouldn't worry about the shortages because I was going to ask Santa for it in order to bypass those issues. My mother then had to enlist the extended family to acquire a Wii. Kid me was just trying to be thoughtful. Santa has a magic workshop of elves, availability in stores isn't an issue for him.

As for favorite Christmas special, hmm, not sure. Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb I guess. There's also Community's Christmas specials. For full on Christmas movies, White Christmas and the old Rankin-Bass stop motion specials get pulled out every year. And Love Actually shows up frequently too. There's also Elf but the style of comedy doesn't always work with me.

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First off, fake trees are better. They don't make a mess. Second of all, I love Home Alone. So funny!! Finally, I'm already loving Adventure snacks. And I don't have any cats.

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Fun game, as always!

🎅 How did you use Santa’s powers – for yourself or for others?

Both. I said, screw the kids. I'm not normally such a grinch, but that part about how the kids won't even believe in me after a few years really hit home. Ouch. I tried to help the animals with my powers, but that one went sideways, so for this Christmas, it's the thought that counts?

🎁 What’s a fun or unique gift you’re giving someone this year?

I'm giving a few Substack subscriptions.

🎄 Which are better: real Christmas trees or fake ones?

I didn't grow up with trees, but my wife did. We put up the tree if we're going to be in town. We've had a real tree, which I like better, but we have a fake tree that lasts longer. It's not my holiday, though, and feel weird saying this, but the tree thing freaks me out. My choices are: cut down a real tree, or buy a fake plastic tree? For the first few weeks of the new year, I walk around looking at all the dead trees, and I just kinda worry that the ghost of Christmas future will not be kind to us. But I like decorating the tree and eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate, and we do have these really cool star wars ornaments, so there's that...

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I saved Christmas and I can talk to Reindeer!

This year I have been asked to write a story as a gift for my brother-in-law. That's probably the most interesting gift I'll give. I know he'll enjoy it -- it's based on a character he invented that provides some solid laughs. A few years ago, in previous artistic endeavors, I used to create sketch cards on some official sets. I was on Steven Universe and drew an artist proof for my sister on an official card. Someday it will be worth meeeeeellions.

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When et snows et storms. Ya glint? Faced the challenge of the saint Nickolosi. Wasn't the tumble I 'spected. Easy sailin' gonna be right as rain when the next winter's blight is on us with me donning the cap 'n beard.

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I was reindeer whisperer and a good Santa :-) We all made a pact to de-stress the holidays by not exchanging gifts, but I did make a bunch of little candles out of beeswax from my hives that I was going to give. Not sure that qualifies as "fun" but it's all I've got. And real trees are great, but I have a fake tree with the lights already on it because I'm a lazy holiday grinch. I don't even dismantle it. It just goes in the basement with a giant garbage bag over it at the end of the season. Can't think of a memorable Xmas TV special or episode at the moment... I blame the Hallmark channel. I think I've repressed the memories as a defense mechanism.

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🎅 Initially, for others... but the allure of the jet proved too much for me 🛩️😶💸

🎁 Still thinking on that one. Ask me again in two weeks ⏳

🎄 Real, 100%. The fake ones don’t have that wonderful balsam smell, and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without it 😅

📺 South Park’s Christmas specials always nail it. My favorites are the first one with Mr. Hankey, and the one with the satanic woodland critters. For movies, it’s not even a contest: Gremlins, all the way (hey!)

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I attempted to use my power for good by setting the bunnies free but that was a no-go so I went home to spend Christmas with my family. I am trying to think of an unusual gift that I received but I can’t think of any, lots of good ones. A black cowboy hat, an air gun, a paint booth. All really good practical gifts that I get to appreciate for years and years.

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