Create Your Own 90s Roller Coaster

Make It. Ride It. Extreme It.

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Okay, hold on tight. You’re about to go from 0 to 60, figuratively speakiiiiiiiiing!

You walk confidently through Magic Screams theme park in your finest Gap suit jacket and PacSun shades. Families suck down cartons of Dippin’ Dots. Children cry about not having enough quarters for the Aerosmith arcade game. Coasterheads line up for hours to try the latest thrill ride, The Pepsinator, sponsored by Dramamine.

It’s a bright sunny day, and your future is even brighter, as is the future of your favorite country: The United States of America. Congratulations and welcome to your first day as Magic Screams’ new Rollercoaster Genius. Yesterday you graduated top of your class at Stanford’s School of Thrillology with a major in Student Loans. Now you’ve got your dream job. Check that – your dream life.

Behind the Lollipopapalooza store on Tchotchke Blvd, you enter a door that reads “Big Wigs Only.” Inside is a clean, white-walled, high tech facility. The walls are lined with computer monitors connected to state of the art 250 MB Iomega Zip Drives. Your assistant, an eager young man named Chaz, calls you over to a VR helmet station.

“Good morning,” Chaz chirps. “Ready to invent the future of rollercoasters?”

“Duh,” you reply.

“Cool, well… Just think about what you want our next Magic Screams rollercoaster to be like. This machine will read your brainwaves and generate the commercial. The ad will be screened by the executives on Executives Island and hopefully the coaster will be greenlit.”

“Plug my brain into cyberspace, cause it’s coaster time, shithead,” you say, not entirely sure why you insulted Chaz. He seems fine.

Chaz places the helmet over your eyes. You can hear him press a few buttons on a console, and then sparks fly around your eyes! You can feel the ideas being sucked from your brain and uploaded into several different mainframes. Time to let your genius fly...

Let’s design your rollercoaster!

  1. Pick from the options below.

  2. Every choice has a corresponding letter. Write the letter down.

  3. You’ll make four choices, creating a 4 letter Coaster Code™ (ex. ADGJ).

  4. Go here and click on your Coaster Code™ to see your creation!

What is your coaster’s name?

  • Cyclone Viper – A

  • Pukenstein – B

  • The Tickler – C

What is its main selling point?

  • Seventeen consecutive loops – D

  • Turns into a water slide – E

  • Carts shaped like butts – F

What will it do to the rider?

  • Make them scream for days – G

  • Make them piss their pants – H

  • Make them see God – I

Who will scold the rider?

  • Their mom and dad – J

  • Their boss – K

  • Their basketball hero – L

Did you write down your Coaster Code™? Then you’re ready…

Ride Your Coaster