Dance with a Skeleton in the Moonlight

Feel the rhythm in your bones.


In the lead-up to Halloween, my partner and I are watching horror movies. Last year, we marathoned a bunch of “spoopy” Disney TV movies like Mr. Boogedy and Twitches. This year we’re scouring the internet for so-bad-it’s-uh-oh ‘80s VHS horror. On Sunday we watched a terrible movie called Spookies, which was like the mask section of a Spirit Halloween brought to life.

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You are walking through a graveyard on a foggy night. According to your GPS, this is supposed to be a roller disco. Then you look at your phone's screen again and see this is Boogie Oogie State Memorial Graveyard. The roller disco is three miles south. Whoops. You turn to walk back to the parking lot. The fog increases. There's a howling in the distance. A gravedigger shakes his head at you and gives you the "throat cut" sign. 

As you pass the graves of The Ethelburgers, something grabs your ankle! It feels like fingers tugging on your pants leg. You try to run, but the hand grips tighter, moving up your leg. Another follows suit, pulling at you for support. You hear the ground shift behind you.

Finally, the grip loosens and you stumble to the ground. When you look up, a skeleton – covered in dirt, a worm in its mouth – sticks a bony hand out to you. The skeleton is wearing a tattered white leisure suit and rhythmically shifts its shoulders from side to side. Does it want

What would you like to do?

To dance with the skeleton, pick your dance move:


You may have noticed there was no Adventure Snack last week. Well, technically, that wasn’t true. I did launch a snack last week, but it was part of a different newsletter. Sort of a Frankenstein brain transplant situation...

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