Days of Future Pastrami

Eat the sandwich. Change the future.

You are walking up to Big Fat Vinny’s sandwich shop. In your hand is a coupon for 10% off because it’s your birthday. (Yay!) But in order to use the coupon, they made you print an email. (Boo!)

In the reflection of their glass door, you see a bright flash of light! You turn around and… it’s you. Only this version of you has a purple mohawk and a scar running down the left eye. This other you grabs your hand, violently.

“Don’t open that fracking door!” the purple-haired you scowls. “I’m you from the future. If you use that generous coupon, it will put this deli out of business* and send Vinny on a path into the dictator business – where he will trigger a global apocalypse. Tear up that email coupon. The future of the world depends on it! Oh, and happy birthday, by the way.”

You pull your hand away and walk back several steps. A few feet to your left, a swirling portal opens! Out of the portal steps… another you. Only this you has light-up green hair that looks like fibre optic cables and is holding a giant laser blaster.

“Eat that frucking sandwich!” the green-haired you shouts, strutting towards you. “That is a droid replica of you. I’m the real future you. This imposter wants me to not eat that sandwich, so we’ll be malnourished in the future and unable to lead the resistance army against sneaky WarMachines like this one! Also, hope you’re having a very happy birthday.”

You panic. Who do you believe? Your lunch break is already almost over, so you must decide fast. Should you eat the sandwich?

Look at a clock and note the last digit of the time. (ex. If it’s 11:43 am, you got a “3.”)

You got a 7 or higher. What will you do?

You got a 6 or lower. What will you do?

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* “Vinny runs on very thin margins,” purple mohawk you later explained.