Defy the Wretched Sun

Take the weather into your own hands.


🥳 Yesterday was my birthday! 🥳 For that reason, I’ve always been conflicted about August. It’s generally a hot month. In LA, brutally so. (Though it’s only second worse to Flamin’ Hot September!) There are no fun holidays in August. My pals usually leave town, so few hangouts. And yet, it’s my birthday month, and the birthday month of many folks I care about. So I can’t get too mad at it, but honestly, birthdays might be August’s one saving grace. Otherwise, I’d gladly swap it for Smarch.

If you could cut one month from the calendar, which one would it be? Reply and let me know which month gets the axe. 🗓️

You stand alone in a field of grass. No clouds. No shade. No air conditioning. No little pocket fan. Not even a breeze. Nothing to protect you from the shining terror above.

Sun wears a cruel, petulant smirk. He radiates heat without any consideration for your comfort. Sweat builds on your brow, stinging your eyes. You wet your chapped lips with what remains of your saliva. You become very much aware of how you smell.

Sun has taken your comfort. Your health. Your willpower. Your dignity. This may be your last chance, since you're still on your feet. It's time to strike back against your oppressor. Now, while you still can.

It's time to defy the Sun.

Click on the action that most closely resembles what you were doing 10 minutes ago.


If you read this newsletter, you (1) have great taste (2) are very attractive (3) enjoy funny solo RPGs. I came across a bizarre, hilarious-looking solo RPG on Kickstarter recently and wanted to share it with y’all. Golden Mart is a tabletop RPG where players work at a convenience store during a magical apocalypse. Players must provide great customer service during floods, ghost attacks, zombie outbreaks, and vortex sinkhole openings.

Here’s the link to donate to Golden Mart’s Kickstarter. Did I back the game solely because it’s played with candy? I mean, I’ll be honest, it was definitely a selling point.


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