No way I’m stealing Betsy. Not a chance.

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I flunked because how could I not bring Biscuit home with me? He's such a good doggo and my best friend in the entire universe. I'm not trying against because Biscuit and I have adventures to go on...But I suppose that could include trying again. ;)

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I ended up married to a cow. And I liked that outcome enough that I didn’t give it another go. 🐄

In school, the closest I came to flunking anything was Algebra II. In my post-postgrad life (that’s a story for another day) I very nearly failed Java, but for a couple of helpful classmates, and a professor, who took pity on me.

Since then, I have reason to think that I have dyscalculia, which would explain why I had such a hard time in those two classes.

As for aliens, it has to be Mork. No question whatsoever. 🥚

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Whoops, I died in one click!

This is such weird timing, as I shared the opening of my most popular novella in my Substack a few minutes ago, and let's just say the theme is very similar ... though the tone of yours was much cheerier, despite me being zapped! Even weirder is that I linked from my post to a playable version of the novella that I worked on many years ago. Great minds obviously think alike!

May your tentacles stay ever slippery. Zog.

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oh, and I played the other game and it was hilarious because my dad had major printer problems this week. Even beyond me. I told him to call Canon. He’s been calling them practically every day. 🤣 To be fair, though, it is an expensive large format printer. I’m not sure if he ever got it fixed.

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Oct 13, 2023Liked by Geoffrey Golden

I stayed laser focused, landed behind the barn, gave Biscuit a tentacle, and turned Betsy in for full credit! Time to celebrate!

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Completed the mission on my first try. Then as usual tried every outcome. The main character is quite a failure, succeeding almost seems out of character, but he has to win sometime.

Never flunked or came close to flunking, but I did drop/transfer out of some classes, French in middle school and ASL in college. I'm not good with learning languages. Latin is the one example of a class I sucked at that I liked.

Sharing a home with someone is a big ask, you know what they say about having friends as roommates (not to). So honest answer would be none because I'd only want to share with family. But to try for the intended kind of answer, maybe Reuben from Lilo & Stitch the series because he's an expert sandwich maker which would be useful to have around. But the laziness could be annoying.

Looking forward to the new version of Fix Your Mother's Printer.

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