Drink a Gelatinous Cube

Can you defeat a giant, jiggly monster with high alcohol content?


People are talking about hitting a “pandemic wall.” I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been leaning against that wall for months. I set-up a tent at the wall. My mail is being forwarded to the wall. At this point, I’ve drawn a face on the wall and started talking to it, Castaway-style. So, on behalf of Wall-ace Shawn and myself, we hope this game makes your day a little less wall-y.

This monster will reach the town if you don’t stop it right here, right now. You bravely leap head first at the giant, viscous cube before you, lunging at it with your Sword of Righteousness. As you do, you scream your signature battlecry:

“This is a good ideaaaaaaa!”

With a loud SPLAT, you find yourself floating aimlessly inside the slime creature’s body. You may have underestimated your opponent. Being inside the gooey villain is like being underwater, except distressingly orange, and there are little air pockets bubbling inside. You open your mouth for a second and taste a bit of the monster’s mucus. To your surprise, it tastes good, like a very, very sweet berry wine. Could you drink your way out? Were all those boozy, lost nights in the alehouse actually training for this very moment?

What would you like to do?

To drink your way out, roll a 20 sided die. This is a very D&D-like game, after all.

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I appreciate each and everyone of you who took the time to respond to the yearly Adventure Snack player survey! There were some surprises, as well as pies of all sizes. Here are a few highlights:

  • Overall: You gave Adventure Snack a 4.5 rating out of 5, just like last year. Thank you, I’m kvelling.

  • The Best Parts: The humor, creativity, and short length of the games. I promise to keep these snacks funny, imaginative, and mercifully short!

  • Improvements: Most of you said nothing, that it’s perfect as-is. If the survey wasn’t anonymous, you’d all be added to my will. There were two things people mentioned in terms of improvements: past games and longer stories.

  • Past Games: Where do you go to play previous snacks? Well, they’re all free to play on Adventure Snack’s archives! I wonder if the issue is that the site is hard to navigate, or if I don’t promote the archives enough in newsletters. Hmm…

  • Longer Storylines: There are folks who want more elaborate stories. I dipped my toe in those waters with Flashing Red last year, a two-parter. It was tricky to design, and landed with a dull thud, lol. So instead, I’m thinking about designing longer Adventure Snack spin-off projects that’ll live outside the newsletter.

  • Favorite Genres – Your favorite genres are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Thriller / Suspense. Your least liked genres are Western, Romance, and Horror. I thought Horror would be more popular, but I guess y’all prefer thrills unrelated to murderous clowns from the depths of hell.

  • Fandoms – You’re most into video games, board games, and comics. Hey, me too! Let’s be pals!

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Geoffrey Golden is a narrative designer for video games. He’s written for Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and indie studios around the world.

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