Welp I’m afraid I’m not cut out for destroying planets. I believe I got strangled twice and made friends with someone I shouldn’t have and spilled coffee all over expensive things.

Ah well, there’s always writing.

My favorite Star Wars was for sure Empire Strikes Back since I got my first crush on Luke during the whole Yoda training montage. I’m not proud of it but there we go.

My beer with any character is a toss up between Captain Mal so I could be flustered and try to join the Firefly crew, or General Adama so he can tell me what I’m doing wrong in life.

Im seeing a trend in my type...

Also I don’t mean to brag but I might have something close to my sci-fi dream job and it’s not far from what you described?? 🤣

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What’s your favorite Star Wars movie? If you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie, what’s your secret? This is a tough one for me. I want to say Empire because that makes me sound like a sophisticated guy who appreciates the classics, but the truth is that the original movie is probably my favorite since that's the one I've watched the most (on Beta, VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, in theaters, and on streaming!), and it's the one I keep coming back to when I need my Star Wars fix. That said, I have a friend who had never seen Star Wars, so one night her husband and I convinced this 30-something woman to give it a try. Guess what? The original really drags. And OK, there's some stuff in there that really owes a big debt to John Ford's The Searchers, but that film, while a classic, also drags. So maybe I'm not the best one to answer this. I also really enjoyed Solo, but than afterwards, everyone told me I was wrong, and if you get enough people doing that, there's this peer pressure / Jedi mind trick thing that happens where you convince yourself that you didn't enjoy Solo.

If you could have a space beer with any sci-fi character, who would it be? I don't drink beer, so I'm going to choose three characters. First, Yoda. Duh. Second, Mr. Spock. How cool would that be? Third, Grig from the The Last Star Fighter.

What’s an important test or exam you’ve taken? Did you pass or fail? A long time ago, in a career far, far away, I took the California Bar Exam. I passed that sucker.

Bonus Challenge (+50 Points): Describe your sci-fi dream job. I'd like to be the Seymour Hersh of the Starship Troopers universe, but I probably won't last long because truth tellers don't have great career opportunities in fascist regimes. But yeah, I'd like to be in the shit with Rico and the rest of the squad.

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Passed my exam on the first try, then kept trying for 100% to get the certificate. Took me a while to notice the hint for getting the rebel ending, clever.

Can I cheat and give the original 2d Clone Wars cartoons released between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith as my answer? That's what I mainly remember as my Star Wars entry point, I watched them all as a batch and didn't even realize they were separate episode. Also various Star Wars video games like Battlefront II, the classic one that didn't nearly bring government regulation into the gaming industry.

I think Revenge of the Sith is my favorite proper movie Star Wars at the moment, like the tragedy, but I should rewatch the OT and PT as a whole sometime. Also I don't like the sequel trilogy, but I would say that as time goes on I like The Force Awakens less and The Last Jedi more.

Since I don't like earth beer I think I'm probably not going to want space beer. Even picking a character to hang out with is a little hard. More of a fantasy fan when it comes down to it so my answer would probably be Luke Skywalker. General Grievous is my favorite Star Wars character but not sure I'd want to actually be anywhere near him, while Falco from Star Fox is a bit too rude for me to want to hang out with.

Important test? Not thinking of any in particular, so I'll say getting my driver's license. Currently in a place where I have to drive to get anywhere.

Sci-fi dream job: Probably writer for some sort of fancy new storytelling medium, or just writing on the space internet with cool space substack features. Wait I take that back, the demand for 2d images are annoying enough with online writing, I don't want everyone demanding 3d holographic models with their prose.

You know what, I'm going to count Pokemon as SF and say Pokemon Researcher. Pokemon may lean more towards fantasy, but the pokeball is technology and sits at the core of the series, plus there's other bits of highly advanced tech. They can revive fossils with technology. As a researcher I don't have to battle and can dig more into the Pokedex entries.

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