Flashing Red: Lights Out

Will you abandon ship or take control?

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Remember, this game takes place where Flashing Red leaves off. Play that one first!

* * * * *


Those flashing red lights mean there’s no time to stop and think. Poison is coming.

Your spy team struggles on the ground. They insist you to leave them. 

On the wall hangs a long, sharp electric prod. They’re used to open a cryo-cell door in case it’s jammed. You grab the prod, tuck it into your jumpsuit pocket, then race down the gray hallway. The prod keeps jabbing into the side of your leg, because that’s the kind of day you’re having.

The ship rocks violently back and forth. You struggle to stay on your feet, grabbing onto columns and control terminals for stability. Eventually, the gray hallway splits. The left route is marked with a yellow line. The red route heads right.

What would you like to do?

  • If you want to take the yellow route, click here.

  • If you want to take the red route, skip down to the “Red Route” section below.

* * * * *


The superior officer steps toward you cautiously. She gestures for you to move away from the escape pod with her laser pistol. You put your hands in the air and comply.

The officer taps on the command terminal. The escape pod door slides open. She made it look so easy, which in turn makes you feel like kind of a chump. There’s one seat inside the tiny ship.

“Last one,” the superior officer shrugs. She backs inside into the pod.

What would you like to do?


  • If you have a laser pistol and want to fire, click here.

If you want to chance it and run past the superior officer for the escape pod, look at the placement of this email in your inbox.

* * * * *


The red route turns eerily quiet. No stomping guards. No frantic screams. Just the echoes of your shoes squeaking against the metal floor.

There’s dust everywhere. It stains the walls and covers your shoes. You’re a hardened commander, so you’ve seen this before. You just missed a laser fire massacre.

You reach the command bay door and cautiously open. There’s ash everywhere. On a wide viewscreen, you witness what’s happening outside. The starship you’re on is getting assaulted by the blasters of a gigantic battlecraft.

“The mind erasers aren’t working!” says a captain behind you. Instinctively, you turn around to see the crazed look in his eye. The captain’s face and white suit are coated in dust. His shaking hands point a laser pistol at you. “I gave the order for a total lobotomy, but it’s not working. Do I have to do everything myself around here?”

Your heart pounds. You breathe fast. Sweat collects on your forehead. The captain raises his pistol up to your face...

What would you like to do?

  • If you have a laser pistol and want to fire, click here.

  • If you have an electric prod and want to attack, click here.

If you want to reason with the captain, remember how you got here.

I want to know what you thought of Flashing Red. Did you enjoy a more serious action story as a change of pace? Do you prefer the goofier tone of most Adventure Snacks? Comments are on. I’d love to hear from you!

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