Flashing Red

Escape a doomed starship... with or without your team.

I have something different for you adventurers today. Last week, I got a stomach bug and had to take a week off. So over the next two weeks, we’re having our first two part Adventure Snack special event. Inspired by last year’s survey results, this game is going to be a little more serious and action-focused, as a change of pace. I hope you enjoy it, along with Kenny Keil’s terrific header art! Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss part two.

Speaking of firsts, thank you for participating in last month’s All-Day Choose-A-Thon! Together, we raised $300 for Black Lives Matter Global Network. ICYMI – I wrote a crazy interactive story all-day based on your decisions and a lot of weird stuff happened.

You hear a tssssst. Your hands and feet are ice cold. As your eyes adjust to the flashing red lights in the corridor, you hear the cybernetic voice of a masked guard.

“Follow the orange route to the escape pod,” he says, staring with red digital eyes. “Try not to die along the way. Take this.”

The guard grabs your shivering hand and puts a circular data chip in your palm. 

“What is it?” you mutter, teeth clenched. “Souvenir keychain?”

He doesn’t answer. There are three colored lines on the space station wall in front of you. Gray leads to a hallway 20 feet to the left. Orange leads to a hallway just ahead on the right. The guard runs down a red path that leads further to the right. He turns a corner and disappears.

You slowly step out of your cryo-cell, bones aching. Neck cracking. You’re wearing a black prisoner uniform. As you get your bearings, the floor beneath you trembles. The last thing you remember was an explosion inside the enemy’s comm center. An explosion you caused. Did your team make it to Tylo? Were they captured, too?

Out of the corner of your eye, you see the guard who helped you. He’s being led back around the red corner by a superior officer, who’s dressed in a stark white uniform adorned with shining silver medals.

The superior officer is pointing a laser pistol at the guard’s head.

What would you like to do?

If you’d like to save the soldier, take a look at your outfit.

BONUS: Share this game. When you do, you’re equipped with a laser pistol, a very useful item in part two. (And thanks for helping Adventure Snack grow!)


Mentions & Minotaurs

  • I’m very excited that Adventure Snack was featured on Gamebook News, a great website covering new interactive fiction! They gave AS a terrific review, calling the game “witty, surreal, and highly amusing.” Read the full review here.

  • Substack has a feature that shows you where traffic comes from. That’s how I found out we were also featured on OT: The Podcast, an Australian podcast about luxury watches. Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself!

  • There’s going to be a special edition Adventure Snack in Tiny Wizards, an upcoming graphic novel by Eben Burgoon (B-Squad)! Tiny Wizards is a hilarious comic about pint-sized wizards from another dimension stranded in an Earth truck stop, and I’m psyched to help build out Eben’s wonderfully bizarre fantasy universe. Here are more deet on the collab. Deets on the collab!

It took so much restraint not to make the snippet a “lose your marbles” joke.

Tankerton has found every hidden image so far, which is definitely a new Olympic world record. I hid another scrapped header concept somewhere in this story, too. But… where?