Hold Your Horses

We're going to the Wild Wild West!

Saddle up, y’all. This is Adventure Snack, the email game that turns your inbox into an adventure. A ten gallon hat tip to all our subscribers! If you’re not already subscribed, hit the big red button below.

Today’s quest is a milestone – our first ever guest game! “Hold Your Horses” was designed by Luke Herr, the host of two roleplaying podcasts: Exiled and RPG Pals Club. If you’re interested in writing a guest game for Adventure Snack, gimme a holler / reply to this email.

You're a cowherd, card sharp, and freelance interior decorator in the wild west town of Old Cactus. Lately, things haven't been going too well for anybody in this two-horse town, especially considering up ‘til last week there were about 20 horses in it. 

You’re drinking in the Dusty Glass Saloon, celebrating the fact that you still have a horse. Enter Susannah Gumshoe, the famed cowboy detective, sheriff, and freelance graphic designer.

"Well, howdy pard," she says, her boots plodding heavily on the wooden floor. "Seems you and I are the only folks still holding horses in Old Cactus. Since I'm the sheriff, I think that makes you my prime suspect for the crime of horse thievery. You’d better come with me."

Susannah ain't known for following much cordial procedure. While you are innocent of horse napping, you might not make it to your trial if you go along quietly.

What would you like to do, pard?

If you’d like to run, look at the current time on a clock...

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