Interview an Alien for Your Podcast

Uncover the truth for mattress ad money.


So aliens are real, huh? I guess it has been a strange couple of years. If I understand this correctly, the US military has video evidence of an unidentified flying object, but hasn’t determined whether it’s a craft from outer space or if it’s just ALF driving drunk again. (Damn it, ALF. Get your shit together.) Personally, I do think there’s something out there, but no intelligent life would want to visit this backwater of a planet. I’d believe the aliens are jerk tourists and we’re their Roy Rogers bathroom pit stop.

Are aliens real? Have they visited Earth? Reply and let me know what you think. 👽

You are the host of the paranormal podcast My Alien Podcast, one of 73 with the same name on Apple Podcasts. Well, you have something those other shows do not. There's an actual alien sitting right across from you! The creature unexpectedly beamed down in front of your podcast studio / tool shed / outhouse a half hour ago, so you quickly flushed and set-up the mics! 

This bright green thing with three eyes, two tongues, and one big hand speaks to you in a language you do not understand. Frustrated by your blank expression, a helmet suddenly appears on your head to establish a psychic connection. It gives you a bad migraine, but you can hear what it's saying to you.

"I am Sam/Phil, ruler of the Quadramac galaxy. I have heard your broadcasts. Ask me anything you like. I will end this interview before your human brain explodes." Your head vibrates from the mind uplink. You'll have to be choosey about which questions to ask...

Take a deep breath. Click on as many questions and read as many answers as you can until you exhale.


I haven’t announced this publicly yet, but for the past year I’ve been designing an Adventure Snack standalone D&D 5e campaign! It’ll be funny, weird, and full of surprises. The story mixes fantasy adventure with an unexpected movie genre. There are illustrations, maps, and stat blocks – you supply your own dice and pizza. If all goes as planned, the game will be released before the end of the year. Here’s a short preview…

Hard Revelry! – Adventurers may take command of the stuffy elf soiree. A bard puts on a raucous performance. A wizard creates a magical light show. A knight valiantly downs wine after wine after wine. Tasvan roasts the guests. The adventurers will successfully disrupt the party if they pass DC 10 Performance checks. Inatris, Yelbalar’s wife, will want to cut loose and maybe even flirt with the adventurers, if they pass a DC 15 for Persuasion. Give Yelbalar a disadvantage (-1 to -5) to Perception during tomorrow’s game for being blinded with rage, as determined by the party’s awesomeness.

In the lead-up to this game, I also designed a free 1 page RPG for a game jam. So, yeah, lots of games! More soon!


Adventure Snack is a game series I email to subscribers. Play Adventure Snack for free and turn your inbox into an adventure!

I’m a narrative designer for video games. Past writing clients include Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and indie studios around the world. Follow me @geoffreygolden on Twitter. Art assets for the game header were designed by dgim-studio and Freepik.