Outsmart an Evil Puppeteer

Diffuse the bomb. Have a blast!

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In today’s quest, you are a superhero attempting to foil a villain’s evil scheme. If you are a Hollywood big shot inquiring about the film rights, know that I will accept literally any offer!

The tight, colorful spandex suit you’re wearing is so itchy. You think about scratching your lower back with the wire cutters in your shaking palm, but then you remember the news cameras. The whole city would be watching you scratch your butt before they’re all blown to smithereens.

You are in Big City’s famous Metro Park, but you’re not here to play speed chess, though that does sound like a fun afternoon. Carefully, you open the metal cabinet door of the large explosive device in front of you. The bomb is 15 feet tall, round, and covered in apricot-colored felt with enormous googly eyes glued on. This is clearly the handiwork of your evil arch-nemesis, The Unlikeable Puppeteer!

Inside the cabinet are four wires, each a different color: yellow, orange, purple, and green. Which color will you cut first?

[Pick the color of the wire you want to cut first by clicking and dragging to highlight the text.]


You cut the wire.

“Snippy snippy!” says The Unlikeable Puppeteer in a goony cartoon voice over a loudspeaker built into the bomb. The smiling LED mouth of the furry explosive is synched with the audio. Very on-brand. “Picking the right color would be my primary concern. Otherwise, the results will be… explosive! Ha ha ho ho hee hee hay hay hiya hiya hu hu hu!”

What a stupid, vowel-filled laugh. But this is no time for comical observations. The LED mouth of the bomb now displays a 20 second countdown clock! Time to be a hero and cut the next wire…

What will you do? (Click a link below.)

If “ORANGE” is highlighted…

If “GREEN” is highlighted…

If neither color is highlighted by the time you read this, click here.

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