Play the First Adventure Snack "Video" Game

Can you defeat me... er, I mean, the Wizard of Darkness?

Adventurers! Are you ready to make the leap from clickable text to interactive moving images? Prepare thyself by equipping thine strongest armor, learning the most powerful spells, buying a couple discount elixirs at the town, and by subscribing to this very newsletter…

Now enter the deadly cavern of the dastardly, devious, and devilishly handsome Wizard of Darkness and his unstoppable Skullsword… If you dare.

Game Hint: A secret way to defeat the wizard? There’s more to the UI than meets the eye.

Game Tip: If you want to play more Adventure Snack video games like this one, tweet at me: @geoffreygolden or use the #AdventureSnack hashtag.

Life Tip: Skullsword was developed on a prompt from Culture Surge, a voter registration organization. If you haven’t registered yet, click here and get ‘er done. Already registered? Share the game with someone who hasn’t yet.


I subscribe to the Indie RPG Newsletter, which has great tips, tricks, and crits for roleplaying game creators. The newsletters’ writer, Thomas, created an awesome-looking solo RPG called The Spider in the City. I invited Thomas to tell y’all more about it…

* * *

At the end of the Act One of The Spider and the City, you have to make a choice. Do you ally yourself with a dangerous but potentially doomed cause? Or do you continue you as you were - a criminal mastermind who obeys only the rules you make yourself?

The Spider and the City is a solo tabletop roleplaying game where you combine strategic resource management and responding to evocative prompts. Check it out here: