SeptemberQuest: Legends of Earth, Wind & Fire

Never was a cloudy day... until now!


Happy 21st of September! Today is an internet holiday to celebrate the 1978 funk classic “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. Comedian Demi Adejuyigbe has posted elaborate “September” music videos online for charity since 2016. They’re absolutely worth your time. On Twitter, Demi is Santa Claus today.

“September” has been my favorite song for many, many years now. A friend once described my musical taste – catchy pop with funky hooks and sing-a-long lyrics – as “waterslide music.” He meant it as a put-down, but my response was, “Wheeee!”

What’s your favorite song? Do you think it deserves a holiday? Reply with your choicest jam. 🎶

You are the ultimate groove magician and sole protector of Boogie Wonderland, whose people are peaceful and funky. But while you were out enjoying the spice of life, the Unfunks have struck! Half machine. Half werewolf. No rhythm. These jive beasties just stole the all-powerful September Crystal from inside the Fantasy Pyramid! Without the crystal, the Shining Star in the heavens will dim, dooming thousands to a world without blue talk or love.

As the Unfunk squadron flees the pyramid, you must call upon the strongest natural forces in the musiverse to stop them from crossing Devotion Desert, into the uncharted wilds beyond Imagination. Clad in a shining onyx jumpsuit and matching headband, you raise a hand to the air and speak the sacred words to summon the magic of an ancient elemental god.

For as long as you stand, the 21st of September must always be remembered...

Which element would you like to draw upon?

To cast EARTH, complete the following spell: "_____ dreams were shiny days!"

To cast WIND, complete the following spell: "In the key that our ____ were singing!"

To cast FIRE, complete the following spell: "Love was changing the mind of _______!"

BONUS: Donate any amount to the September 21st…That’s Today! fund and give yourself a do over. Proceeds go to West Fund, Sunrise, and Imagine Water Works.


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