I have this argument a lot with people and I can't believe you had the AUDACITY to not even include French Toast. It goes:

1. French Toast

2. Pancakes

3. Waffles.

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I served hash browns because, come on, they're awesome. But then, I've never met a potato I didn't like...

My final meal would probably consist of my special cheese fondue or some similar orgy of cheese.

Pancakes vs waffles: I usually take pancakes because waffles get cold instantly. You really have to scarf them before they cool, and that always ends in regret. My first choice would be my dad's french toast, which he only makes around the holidays, so it's a special treat :-)

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I served pancakes. Nicely made ones with maybe a side of dark berries should hit the spot for an undecided customer. But what a twist!

Now, if I have a choice between pancakes and French toast (because me and waffles are not even speaking), then pancakes have to pack it up. Not interested. And if there are short ribs in anything, then no other dish will do. If you’re hoping to get me as a customer, please have: brioche, short ribs or braised beef, a summery cocktail (extra points if there’s lavender), and a menu with puns.

I want to try more Indian food. There are so many dynamic flavors and colors. Seems like a whole rainbow I’m missing out on.

Appreciate the shoutout!

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The only item on that menu I'd bet my life on was the hash browns. Now I'm hungry for hash browns!

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I served Death pancakes and was surprised by the ending! (Not disappointed, though.)

I like a good waffle, but man, can you ever go wrong with a stack of buttery pancakes? Throw some chocolate chips in the batter, or some blueberries...so good! I’m with you, Geoffrey. Team Pancakes all the way!

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Sep 2, 2022Liked by Geoffrey Golden

I served Death coffee. I mean, its Death, can he even eat? But I'm sure Death is a busy person and could probably use the caffeine boost to get through the day. But then the twist happened, and I wonder what would have happened if I had served Eggs instead. But at least this way I only have to rinse out the coffee pot and not clean the dishes/pans from cooking eggs.

Re Waffles or Pancakes - waffles are not really a breakfast food around my neck of the woods. Most people have them for desert with ice cream and fruit. So I guess I'm choosing Pancakes. I love them with a bit of lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar. So good. (But really, for breakfast I'm more of a Vegemite Toast or Porridge kind of person.)

For my Food Bucket List - what I want is Scooby Doo food. The kind Shaggy and Scooby have. Those chicken legs they just inhale off the bone and the really really really tall stacked sandwiches that they eat in one mouthful. Maybe the plate piled high with burgers too. Cartoon food always looks so good!

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🍳 I served Death flapjacks, because that’s the breakfast of choice in my family. My grandpa, may he Rest In Peace, made the best pancakes ever, and now my daughter looks forward to my making them for her on the weekends! (Also, bone puns: awesome!)

🥓 Wagyu steak was long the top item on my food bucket list, because for the longest time it was apparently illegal to import. But that recently changed, and a few years back, I found some at a local butcher. VERY expensive (over $100 for *at most* 4oz), but one of the best meals I’ve ever had and totally lives up to the hype. Melts in your mouth like butter.

Other than that, I’d love to hit up Jiro’s sushi joint (the one from the Netflix documentary) before he passes on. Actually, just going to Japan to eat Japanese food right at the source is, in and of itself, a bucket list item.

🧇 🥞 No surprise, I’m partial to pancakes. I also won’t knock a good waffle, but pancakes are so tied up with so many wonderful memories (plus, they’re just so delicious) that if given a choice, I’ll almost always go for pancakes.

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I served Death pancakes just like my kids love so much. I do spend more on the good syrup too. I’ve never cared for hash browns and I fail at cooking eggs. Enjoyed the ending!

I personally prefer a nice fluffy multigrain Belgian waffle since those were a frequent treat during summer vacations growing up. I have a waffle iron so I can treat myself year round now. I also like egg scrambles packed with veggies and sausage, but have to get them at diners or as frozen meals because I have yet to make them properly.

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🍳 What did you serve Death for breakfast… and why?

I served Death hash browns because who doesn't love a crispy, oily hash brown?

I like my eggs scrambled and am not sure why Death does not!

🥓 Is there a perfect meal or food you want to eat before you die?

A porterhouse steak with a side of bacon and fried chicken, and a biscuit to boot. Then a peanut butter hot fudge sundae with whipped cream.

🧇 🥞 Which is the superior breakfast treat: waffles or pancakes?

I used to go to the local diner when I visited my grandpa every month as a kid and would order chocolate pancakes, a side of crispy bacon, and a chocolate milk. I do enjoy a good waffle, but it doesn't compare to those pancakes.

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I tried every option and I'm not sure which is my favorite, maybe flapjacks or coffee for how twisty they are. When it comes to pancakes vs waffles I'm on team pancakes.

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Sep 1, 2022Liked by Geoffrey Golden

I prefer pancakes because I don't understand what the point of a good waffle is supposed to be. I grew up with the frozen Eggo waffles and figured those were standard and didn't really encounter a proper waffle til I was a teen. By that point though it wasn't what I grew up with and it seems like a hassle.

I do prefer french toast to pancakes though because french toast has a better low bar for quality than pancakes. You could get homemade pancakes or you could get mix pancakes. French toast has to involve bread, egg, and spices and it is a lot harder to mess that up!

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Here’s why I prefer pancakes over waffles. If I have more than one waffle, I feel bloated. “Ohhh, I can’t believe I had TWO whole waffles.” But with pancakes, I can eat a whole stack, no problem. I think because stacks of pancakes have been normalized so much?

Also, I like to put different toppings between the layers, so there’s a jam layer, a honey layer, etc. Waffles have those neat indentations, but using the pancake layers system, I have more surface area for toppings.

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