My husband and I did this together over dinner and had a blast. We tried to trick the kids by being the old man, and my husband voiced him perfectly and started ad libbing over and above the written dialogue, which was FANTASTIC. We were so disappointed in the lackluster result that we went back and tried every single other combination to see how to come out on top, giving him a chance to also voice the skateboarder. (Did I mention he's a DM, this is probably practice for his next campaign...) Great fun!

I will admit that the thought of putting chocolate and beef jerky in the same bowl made me throw up in my mouth a little. Such a ghastly combination! I work for a company that makes cereal though, so I could try to sneak it into our next round of concept pitches...maybe some undiscovered genius hiding in there somewhere...

I liked Honey Bunches of Oats growing up, but now I don't eat cereal very often. My vote goes to Cheerios over Lucky Charms. They are more homogenous, and I'd rather take a medicore flavor that I can count on over unpredictable marshmallowless disappointment every other bite. Unless the Lucky Charms was exclusively the marshmallow bits, then maybe it would win out.

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Oh, that's so much fun! I love that you brought the quest to life at your dinner table like a D&D game. If you ever want to record yourselves playing - and your husband killing it on the voice overs - I'd be thrilled and happy to share the clip with your fellow adventurers.

Well, my intent was to create a nauseating breakfast cereal parody, so I guess mission accomplished, lol. That said, if you can somehow turn Scarf-O's into a real cereal, you will be a TRUE HERO the likes of which this realm has never known!

Is the reason you don't eat cereal that often anymore because you know how the cereal "sausage" is made? Is there something about cereal the industry is hiding from us?!

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This adventure ended quickly, but with the fresh taste of young blood on my lips, so it was not all a loss. Now I've turned into a feral racoon vampire.

As far as my favorite cereal growing up, that would be a toss up between Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms. However, I wouldn't pass up Cocoa Puffs or a number of others. Nowadays I don't eat sugar cereal. I prefer all of my sugar calories to be loaded up into a single dessert.

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No one can call you a "trash panda" and live to tell the tale!

I hope you enjoy short quests, in general. This is Adventure Snack, after all. (Though some of my quests admittedly get a bit meal-y.)

I like the taste of Captain Crunch, but they're surprisingly coarse. After I eat a bowl, my mouth hurts a little. Maybe that's the Captain toughening us up for his... navy? Does Captain Crunch have sailors?

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Yes, I agree that Captain Crunch is a bit tough, but it's his job to get us ready for battle by giving us mouths of steel to... eat our enemies? I have no idea, but I've experienced the same.

As far as the adventures, I do enjoy the shorter ones! Like, an end after maybe 4-5 choices. I don't enjoy a lot of roundabouts, but maybe that's just me. I still hope to create one of these adventures for you someday soon. I think it would be a fantastic collaboration. Summer is the perfect time for me to try.

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I suppose he would want us to be toughened up, in contrast to Captain Crunch's main enemies who are literally soggy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4nr_JhypGA&ab_channel=RetroStatic

That'd be awesome, Brian! Email me when you're ready to discuss. 🧙‍♂️

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I will definitely email you. 👍

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I instinctively chose to trick them with yoga pants. My husband says I have a raccoon heart because of all the times I buy baguettes from the store and they come home with little bites taken out of them on the drive home. Maybe it’s true. 🦝

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Well played, Emily! You have a sharp raccoon mind and a big raccoon heart.

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I started by trying to trick the children. My roller blader disguise failed despite me thinking it would work, while the yoga pants disguise ultimately worked despite everything. Anyway that boy is a menace. And it seems like the raccoon will strike again.

I'm not too into cereal now in general. I guess it was Lucky Charms when I was a kid, so I'll side with it against Honey Nut Cheerios. And oh boy, if Buzz the Honeybee knows Sonic that gives him a Ryu number of two (meaning degrees of separation from Ryu, because Sonic knows Ryu).

I'm Will the cookie hog, a warthog who likes chocolate chip cookies.

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You found a trick that worked on your second try. You're batting .500, which is WAY higher than the Trix rabbit!

Even when you're siding with Lucky Charms, you're still making Buzz look cooler.

+50 points, as long as you stay away from my cookies!

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Well I did go for every possible outcome I could find, so I'm batting whatever is the number of outcomes where the raccoon wins.

Also sure, I'll stay away from your cookies. But my Pikmin and Pokémon won't! And then they'll be my cookies. Charge!

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