Survive Black Friday

This Christmas, your child's love is on the line!

Only tens of thousands of shopping minutes until Christmas! This is Adventure Snack, the email game that turns your inbox into a holiday adventure. Santa says if you want to make the nice list, be sure to subscribe. (No good deeds necessary, just subscribe to this newsletter.)

Today’s Adventure Snack is an immersive simulation meant to prepare you for a highly dangerous scenario, like those VR flight simulators the Air Force uses to train its pilots for aerial assaults. War is hell, and so is Christmas shopping.

It’s 3:50 am, the ungodly hour. You’re standing in the freezing cold parking lot outside your local Kmart. This is Black Friday, the cursed day after Thanksgiving when popular Christmas gifts first go on sale. You are quietly cursing the name of your first born child. The throng of parents around you are doing the same.

The hottest Christmas toy this year is called Sock Puppet. It’s an animatronic sock monkey that plays games, wiggles to music, automatically likes a child’s YouTube videos and Instagram posts, and argues with their haters in the comments. No budding influencer can be without it. Your kid desperately wants this toy, and you promised Santa would come through. Like a goddamn sucker.

Suddenly, the lights turn on inside the store. You look at your phone – it just turned 4:00 am. Shit, you need to compose yourself. You’re about 20 feet from the glass door with a few rows of people ahead of you. They’re only going to have so many Sock Puppets before they sell out. This might be your only shot. Other parents are cracking their knuckles and scowling.

You see a nervous clerk walking up to the automatic door...

What would you like to do?

If you choose to join the stampede into Kmart…

When was the last time you bought a gift for someone in a retail store?

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