The Giant Wizard Head

It's huge, it's magical, and it's blocking your path.

You tightly grip your dagger. You step cautiously through a dark and narrow stone hallway. You are about to sneeze… Yes, you are definitely going to sneeze… but you look up for a second and take a deep breathe. The tickle in your nose passes. For now.

Orc blood is splattered on your armor. You have ravaged your way through the deadly Castle Dankmore. Up ahead is a wooden door marked “Kidnapping Room.” Surely, this is where you will find the kidnapped King Moredank, who you swore an oath to protect. You hear his muffled screams up ahead as close in on the door…

Suddenly, the gigantic head of an evil wizard appears before you! You know this head all too well. It is the noggin of Nodlin the Nasty Necromancer. Nodlin is the most powerful and alliterative wizard in the land!

“Turn back now, warrior!” screams the white bearded head with red bulging eyes. “As you can plainly see, I am a giant and extremely dangerous floating head. If you approach that door, I will cast a spell to instantly destroy you!”

What will you do?

Or, if you wish to attack Nodlin, roll a six-sided die

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