The Slime Mouth Predicament

Navigate a sticky situation as captain of the Starship Hiyabuddie.

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Today’s adventure takes us into the furthest reaches of the galaxy. So, you might want to grab a snack, because it’s a long journey through the cosmos, and there aren’t any good restaurants on the way. Only a gas station Carl’s Jr.

You are the captain of Starship Hiyabuddie. Your mission is to make contact with new lifeforms throughout the galaxy and convince them to join the Neutral Affiliation of Planets. As their motto goes, “You Look Like You Could Use a NAP.”

Today’s mission is to a dangerous, hostile quadrant of space. The Hiyabuddie is approaching planet Aargel. The native Baargellians breathe toxic fumes, according to a report from Science Officer Dubbledink. You swivel your big swiveling captain’s chair to the viewscreen, which shows Aargel’s swirling gas clouds. As you glance over the Helm Room, you notice your crew nervously tapping at the terminals. To put them at ease, you speak in a commanding tone, and remind yourself not to use any vocal pauses.

“Establish a… uhh, comm-link with President Fnip Lightly,” you order, then chide yourself for that dumb-sounding “uhh.”

HP-8720 – the Hiyabuddie’s communications droid and inkjet printer – brings President Lightly up on the viewscreen. Lightly is absolutely hideous, staring at you with sunken orange eyes. Lightly’s drooping purple skin and tiny tentacles for hair prompts Navigator Valezia to vomit into her trash can.

“Greetings from the Hiyabuddie,” you state with a diplomatic smile. “Would you like a free NAP gift basket? It includes those dried fruit candies everybody loves but no one ever buys for themselves.”

Lightly’s mouth opens and a stream of bubbling green slime drools out what you assumed was a mouth hole. As the drooling begins in earnest, the camera angle on Lightly goes from a medium shot to a wide. Now you can see Fnip’s hand very slowly reach for a big “X” shaped button on a slime-covered desk. You must make a fast decision.

Start a 3 minute timer… NOW.

You may read as many options below as you like until either your 3 minutes is over OR you reach a choice with “THE END” at the bottom.

What would you like to do?

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