For those of you who finished the quest, here's another Bigfoot challenge...


WARNING: Extreme Difficulty!

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Jul 28, 2022Liked by Geoffrey Golden

I can’t help but read “Bigfoot is your landlord” at the same cadence as Cake’s “Satan Is My Motor”

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Living in the PNW, my first instinct was to grab the bear spray. Plumbing successfully fixed on the first try!

Worst place I’ve lived was an apartment in upstate NY infested by huge centipedes that the landlord refused to take care of. There were also bees every summer in the wall ac which was broken, again never fixed. Fun times for the newly independent.

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On my first playthrough, bigfoot trashed the place but I moved into a different spot where the rent was $500/month less.

Is this the best ending? I think so!

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My first ending was getting mauled by a bear :(. Found the path to get things fixed though. These are fun, I enjoy trying out the different options and seeing what endings there are.

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Congratulations on three years! Thanks for brightening my day now and again :-)

I learned it's a bad idea to impersonate a lady Bigfoot. And it seemed like such a good idea at the time...

The worst apartment I ever lived in was in a basement in an older couple's house. I had only lived there a day or two when I arrived home from work to discover that the man was continuing to use my bathroom when I wasn't home. He was also suffering from some horrific, explosive bowel disorder which had completely spattered the walls. I don't even know how such a thing was humanly possible, but it haunts me to this day. I've never packed so fast in my life.

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First, congrats on the 3 year anniversary and all that sweet, sweet growth! I've gotta say, Adventure Snack just makes me happy. I like to play when I have short gaps during my workday. It's very... snackable!

As for this adventure, I did get that SOB Bigfoot to fix my tub. It wasn't easy. Thankfully, I have experience. See, Bigfoot reminds me a lot of my old landlord in Larchmont Village. He was tough to find and when we did find him, he usually tried to make repairs with duct tape. That was the worst apartment I ever had. Terrible plumbing, funky smells, and a neighbor living in an illegal unit who gave me strong serial killer vibes. On the upside, however, it was the cheapest apartment in Larchmont Village. And after a few years there, I had saved up plenty of money, so there's that.

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Yes! I was successful on my first run-through.(Thank you bear spray and use of intimidation!)

The first place I moved into after college had beautiful views of the upstate NY countryside. The rent was dirt cheap and my landlords were pleasant people. The only downside was that there was a bit of a snake infestation issue...so that kind of ruined the fun. Ugh! 🐍

Congrats on three years of Adventure Snack, Geoffrey! I love seeing your text adventures pop up in my inbox.

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Bigfoot is a schmuck, but I dug my Medusa plumber… don’t know how they avoided the mirror in the bathroom though. Or am I now the proud owner of a statue?

Overall, I’ve lived in pretty good places but I’ve been the bad neighbor once. I went away for two weeks and apparently sometime after leaving a security alarm went off in my home. No one who I was or knew my number. When I returned I could hear it when I turned onto the street, upon getting out of the car a neighbour angrily told me it’d been going off for days. They apparently called the police and they couldn’t do anything… I was much hated by the other tenants for the next five years. What does that have to do with the question? I’m sorry, what?

I would restore our bathroom to its former glory, we have a beautiful postwar house with cool art-deco features throughout but a hideous Bunnings (Australia’s Mecca) bathroom. One day we discovered old listings of our home and found out the bathroom used to have terrazzo floors, these black tortoiseshell tiles, bricking to the shower that was like an Aztec arch and all original Art Deco vanity, mirror and bath. Why these chumps thought they should throw a flat pack at it is beyond me.

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Damn it I'm gonna miss that Cosplay concert poster

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