Escape from Marble Mountain

It's tough being a marble. Roll with it.

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The hilarious and talented Kenny Keil illustrated the banner below. He’s a straight “shooter,” that’s a marble pun, and awaaaaay we go…!

A giant hand picks you up off the ground. Your tiny, round, glass body trembles in fear and anticipation as you’re lifted high into the air. The auggies, the clearies, the fireflies – the marbles you’ve known all your life – shrink to tiny dots far below you. Steely said if you ever got in trouble, he’d protect you. As Steely looks on helplessly, you now know Steely was full of shit.

The hand places you at the edge of destiny: the very top of a gigantic wooden monolith. You’ve seen this hellish peak before, but not up close. Not like this. The flat mountain rests at a 45 degree angle. Peeking out from between the hand’s fingers, you get vertigo as you look down. Jutting out from the mountain is a dizzying array of metal spikes, dark tunnels, nauseating twists and turns. Why did the hand bring you here? To intimidate you? As some sort of sick joke? As punishment for worshiping the forbidden marble gods?

No time to find out. The fingers suddenly, and without warning, release their grip. Your body quickly rolls out of control as you gather momentum recklessly. The first obstacle you approach is a triangular block that will shove your body to the left or right side of the mountain. Which way will you go? What cruel fate does fortune have in store?

Flip a coin four times. Keep track of how many heads and tails you get.

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A hearty “ahoy!” to our new adventures who hail from Hacker News. If you think you have what it takes to defeat the devil in a hacking challenge, proceed at your own risk.

There is no shame in plugging Adventure Snack. It’s a heroic act, worthy of high praise and admiration.

Brian, you are too kind, and perfectly accurate.

Tankerton is two for two finding the hidden image! Only about 1% of players found it. There’s another one in this game, but I made it harder to find (because it’s more embarrassing)…