Genie of the Duck Pond

A duck djinn? No, you're not quacking up.

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Today’s quest was written by guest gamemaster Luke Herr (RPG Pals Club), who wrote our first western Hold Your Horses. Luke is running a Kickstarter for a queer horror rom-com with superheroes mini-comic, so check that out!

It is another beautiful weekend afternoon at the Eugene Eugene the Third Memorial Park and Duck Pond. You’re currently enjoying some time feeding your friends, the ducks, some kale – a healthy alternative to bread. You take pride in feeding the ducks, who have come to love and respect you. 

The largest duck, who you have named Cornelius, drags a mysterious lamp to you from the edge of the pond. After dropping the lamp at your feet, Cornelius quacks, as if to say, “You have been a benevolent guest here at our pond for many lunar cycles. Please take our greatest treasure, a wishing lamp, which we cannot use as we are but simple ducks, incapable of understanding true need or desire.”

Never one to question a generous duck, you pick up the lamp and rub the side of it. Quickly, a plume of colorful and mint-scented smoke shoots out and congeals into a djinn with feathers and a bill. In a booming voice, it quacks:

“You have been granted one wish by the ducks of this pond for feeding them food that will not cause them long term health problems. I shall grant your true heart’s wish, assuming that your soul is the correct weight: less than the weight of this duck feather.”

What would you like to do?

If you want to make a wish, estimate the weight of your soul.

(For reference: a duck feather weighs about 5 milligrams. The average human soul weighs about 6 milligrams.)

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