In terms of favorite fictional robots, I really love Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker's Guide. So often in sci-fi, when robots deem themselves superior, they rebel against "inferior" humans. In Marvin's case, it just eats away at him, which feels more honest to me somehow.

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I have to go with Robot from the 1960s Lost In Space television show because childhood...

Warning, Will Robinson, Danger!

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I seriously can’t believe more people want to go to the moon than a volcano or a giant grenade launcher. You think all of your readers weren’t actually teenaged boys! Anyway, I hope the aliens have a lousy time in the dark!!!

As for me, I have plans to someday travel to London and see all the things I missed the last time. Then I wanna take the overnight train all the way to the Scottish Highlands and somehow figure out how to finagle a car that I can actually drive to visit Edinburgh and various spots in Scotland, Then work my way back down England and hit several cities and areas that I would really like to see. On that list is Nottingham, which people say is a dismal place (One that Marvin might enjoy?) but which was the subject of extensive research for one of my novels. Did you know they have caves in the old gated city? When the city was first founded, it was built on sandstone, and people started digging into it for various purposes. I think that’s really cool. Plus there’s Robin Hood stuff which I know it’s just a tourist trap but I love Robin Hood so I gotta do it one day.

As for my favorite robot, I I think I would have to go with Rosie from the Jetsons.

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I voted for Dark Side of the Moon, which is currently in #1 spot. You have many thoughtful subscribers. My favorite robot is Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator.

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I chose Mount Fuji, purely because I had no idea what that would lead to (besides certain death) clearly I’m out of touch with my fellow Snackers.

My thought for favourite robot is Bishop from Aliens, after Ian Holm’s Ash character was a terrible robot and cared not for the people in his orbits survival, I think the decency, sacrifice and many rounds of ‘stabbing a knife between your finger’ he played with them was great. That being said it’s not my favourite robot design (sorry Lance Hendrickson). I’ll have to think of that a little more.

I’ve actually been to Akihabara, and though fun I found it quite daunting. I think because I’m not really an anime fan (more of a large blindspot with a few exceptions) so the reference points didn’t hit correctly. You should go when you can though, we had nothing but a great time in Japan.

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Apr 5, 2022Liked by Geoffrey Golden

My fave fictional robot is definitely Vicki, aka Small Wonder, prolly because she was my first. I still can't believe they put that lil bitch in a closet and she never once escaped? Free Vicki!!!

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I wanted to go to the space rave on the moon, but Old Town got the most votes. Oh well, at least I got a witty Garfield mug out of it!

My favorite robot is C-3PO, because the way he constantly whines and complains is inexplicably hilarious (why *do* I find it so humorous? I don’t think it’s nearly as funny when my spouse does it 😬)

Dream vacation... would probably be outer space! I’m hoping Richard Branson and/or Elon Musk lower the cost of commercial space travel to a point I could afford it within my lifetime 🤞🏼🚀

As for Earthbound destinations, I’d love to see the northern lights someday! I’m also strangely fascinated by Antarctica.

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