I was not lucky in love, but I'm okay living the cyclops single life. My favorite mythical creature is Cthulhu.

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I hooked up with Alienus and now things are VERY complicated. Gotta get back to learning how to bring a large network of mycellium to climax.

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Timidus was more of a letdown than I thought. I guess I figured there was a diamond hidden under all that hair and baseless rage. My heart will always be with Robustus.

I like to think that I still date my partner. It keeps things fresh!

The hydra is so interesting to me, and terrifying.

Yeah, I'm complex. My heart's like a maze. Would you like a Minotaur?

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My cyclops found out the hard way that single is the way to go. My favorite monster is probably Jörmungandr. Runners up include griffins and centaurs (I'd offer a centaur pickup line, but you asked to keep it PG ;-)

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The issue with needing to restart to get the story working is still a thing. As usual I went for as many outcomes as I could find. Went with Acerbus first and he didn't seem too bad. I like how the ordering is random, makes different playthroughs stand out more. And the range of different outcomes too, each one felt different instead of falling into an obvious pattern.

For favorite mythical monster I'll say dragon. I like the one from Beowulf.

As for the pick up line, uh.... Are you Icarus? Because you look like you fell from the heavens. Bonus one that's not specifically Greco-Roman: Are you a syncretic deity? Because I'd like to merge with you.

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