Whoa, You Have a Jetpack!

How high will you fly?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get away from the stupid ground for awhile? You’re in luck, adventurer, because today we’re taking to the skies! Look out, clouds: We’re coming for ya! But before we take off, be sure to fasten your safety harness and get future games directly in your inbox by subscribing.

A special thanks to amazing cartoonist Kenny Keil for our game’s header image. You’ll be seeing his art in Adventure Snacks to come. I recommend following him on Twitter, where he’s riffing on The Last Dance via Space Jam and imagines superheroes in starter jackets.

Your doorbell rings. You open the front door and a large cardboard box is outside. No need to bring it in. Who’s got the time? You whip out a pocket knife and slash the box apart to reveal… a jetpack!

Sleek black exterior. Two miniature turbojet engines. Handlebars with built-in computer systems for balance, navigation, and a round of aerial Snood. This thing is worth every penny of the $328,400 you had saved in your daughter’s college fund.

You secure yourself into the harness, stand up straight, and excitedly press the launch button. The jets thrust you into the air. Slowly at first, then very fast! It takes a bit of trial and error – you find yourself doing loop de loops in the air for a full eight minutes – but you finally stabilize at 20 feet off the ground. You can see the roof of your neighbor’s white Escalade in the driveway. He thinks his car is so cool, but one thing you’ve observed about that car: it can’t fly. Ha, what a sucker!

According to the jetpack infomercial, this baby can go as high as 15,000 feet. 20 feet is a lot less than 15,000… Hmm… HMM… HMMMMMMMMM!

To see how high you fly in your jetpack:

Take your height and add together the feet and inches as two separate numbers. (ex. If your height is 5’7” → 5 + 7 = 12.)

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Shout-outs to everyone on Twitter who shared recent Adventure Snack games, like @badfolklorist, @Koltreg, @MikeIsErnie, @ErinMFeldman, @amandonium, @cyberpilate, and @lentilstew. Here are a few of my favorite recent tweets about Adventure Snack games.

Thank you, Rachel! In the illustration, the wizard is holding a crystal made of pure Sunny Delight. It’s the only way to defend against Purple Stuff acid attacks.

I finally watched the scene, and given how absolutely bonkers it is, I take this as the highest compliment.

A clarification: Utahrapper™ passed out, but don't worry, he's not officially dead! (Until his toy stops selling, then he's triple dead.)

When pizza’s in a game form, you can play pizza anytime!