You Are a Single-Celled Organism

Time to reproduce asexually!


This month I started a new game writing gig! I got hired at a new studio called Pixagon Games as their Lead Narrative Designer. My favorite part of a writing project is the beginning, when there are endless possibilities. Well, in this case, the possibilities aren’t exactly endless. I can’t make the game about ring-tailed lemurs if there are no ring-tailed lemurs in the prototype. Wait, to be clear, I didn’t say definitively there were no ring-tailed lemurs in the prototype. There might be tons of ring-tailed lemurs! Too many lemurs, so many tail rings!

Phew, my NDA remains in tact. I am a valuable employee.

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You are a single-celled organism. Life is good. You live in a pond. There's a nucleus in you somewhere. The other day you crawled around on the gravel, which was very exciting. 

You're pretty sure you're an amoeba, but you haven't thought about it much.

Deep down, you feel like this would be a good day to multiply.

What would you like to do?


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