Enter the Psychic Hivemind

Plus: The best Adventure Snacks of the year!


This year, Adventure Snack published 24 micro-games to inboxes around the world, most of them during a pandemic! As I consistently, heartily pat myself on the back, I’d like to sincerely thank you for playing these games. After all, a game without players is just a bunch of nonsense rules.

I need a proper holiday break, fueled by Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, mind-numbing Christmas beers, and multiple rewatches of A Muppet Family Christmas. So Naughty or Nice: You Decide! will be the last Adventure Snack game of 2020. I’ll return with more snacks mid-January.

Meanwhile, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…


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Even if you took the survey last year, taking it again this year will help, since there are new questions. I’m planning to take AS out of beta and add a separate pro version this year with extra goodies, barring any locus plagues or giant monster attacks.


Here are a few stand-out snacks from throughout the year. If you haven’t played them, then they’re new to you.


The cool kids. These were the three most popular games of the year, based on Substack’s formula, which includes views, likes, and shares.

  1. Genie of the Duck Pond
    Make a wish with the help of a magical mallard. By guest writer Luke Herr.

  2. Your Godbox needs more space!
    Save space in your universe by deleting a few things (mountains, songs, etc).

  3. Night of the Living Sonic the Hedgehog Popsicle
    Create the perfect mutant ice cream pop, but you’ve gotta go fast!


My babies! Here are the three games I enjoyed writing and designing the most in 2020.

  1. Dinoswords: Masters of Champions
    Join the DinoManiacs™ in a battle against the evil Lord Cramulock™!

  2. The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Murder Room
    Inspect a tiki bar with overly sweet drinks to solve a murder most sour.

  3. Save the Mall from Gremlin Invaders
    Protect the mall’s most beloved prank gift shop from shitty little monsters.


I like to shake things up. Here are three games that expanded what an Adventure Snack could be.

  1. Skullsword: Wizard of Darkness
    Defeat an evil wizard who looks an awful lot like the Adventure Snack gamemaster in our first video game.

  2. All-Day Choose-A-Thon
    This was a game I improvised for several hours with AS readers to support BLM. (Best read chronologically.)

  3. Stock Photo Quest
    Defend the land of Shutterstown in this interactive comic made with stock photography.


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Pity poor Santa, having to give presents to all those ungrateful little monsters!

I’m gonna hold off until Mason puts out a trade paperback.

Our Christmas game is about empowering adults to judge children more harshly.

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Geoffrey Golden is a narrative designer for video games. He’s written for Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and indie studios around the world.